Anti-Trump Federal Judges STUNNED By Brilliant ‘Surprise’ Trump Hid in New Travel Ban

President Trump went around the courts and judges who overturned his first travel ban, and issued a new travel ban to show how serious he is about the immigration issue. Even though liberals think they won against him, President Trump’s new travel ban had something special inside. And they will not be able to stop him this way!

The new travel ban shifts the chore of stopping refugees from airport law enforcement officers to officials at United States embassies overseas, according to the Angry Patriot. The liberal protesters can no longer protest at the airport entrances to whine about the president’s valiant attempts to keep this country safe.

The embassy officials have been issued an order to stop preparing necessary travel documents for the individuals from the six countries on the list, Until President Trump’s staff finishes a national security review. So, it means that all the immigrants, including the potential terrorists among them, are going to stay right where they are!

This move, gotta admit it is an act of a GENIUS!

All the liberal federal judges now have minimal power to block the President’s administrative actions which occur outside of the United States. The refugees from the six states, Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia, and Libya will have to pass an additional review and security checks under intense scrutiny at their respective agencies.

The prior order prevented people coming from Iraq, but the new one does not, as well as it no longer gives Christians priority, because that was something that Trump had to concede in order to make the new order unchallengeable.

As a new addition to the ban, Trump also suspended the entire refugee program for the next 120 days, preventing 50,000 refugees from entering anytime in the next four months. Which is a GREAT start!

The liberal judges can no longer complain about refugees and travelers with green cards already on a flight headed to America.

This is how a President acts to make our country SAFE again! He is determined to make America a safer place to live, and he is going to do it, no matter if the liberals are trying to stop him!

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