BREAKING: College Professor Bans Female Republican Students From Women’s Meeting

The Orange Coast College Republicans filed a formal complaint against professor Jessica Ayo Alabi for preventing republican students from attending the Women’s history meeting.  

Not only did she ban male republican students, but she banned female republican students as well.

On May 16th, an email surfaced and fell into the hands of the OCC Republicans club, sent from professor Alabi to Michael Mortice, an OCC employee in Student Services that works with the student government.  This email clearly states from Alabi that the Republican club “should not send their female students to visit.”

In another email from Alabi to Kevin Henson, the dean of social sciences, she tries to cover her tracks before the inevitable backlash, telling Henson “I just told the Republican club that they could not come to the curl talk event.”  Stating that this event is for African Americans and Women only.  Apparently not Republican Women though.

Alabi continues that this is a “safe space event for African Americans and Women only.” I wonder how well it would go over if professors started having ‘white only’ events on campus, calling them ”safe spaces.”

Once the uproar went campus-wide, another email shows Dennis Harkins, the College’s President, telling the Chancellor of the district that he has asked Henson to investigate why Alabi would do such a thing. Evidently showing that Harkins knows his campus is about to be hit with a storm of more bad press yet again. And rightfully so.

The OCC Republicans sent out a press release on Thursday highlighting the events that had taken place, saying that they have submitted a formal complaint against Alabi. I imagine that things like this occur at colleges all across the country, yet politically marginalized students are afraid to stand up and fight back like the OCC Republicans club is doing here. Let this be a lesson to any student government out there. Stand up and fight back now.