Congressman Creates Guide to Help Federal Employees Break the Law

Leak after leak after leak keeps pouring out of the Trump Administration, mostly, it seems, from Obama holdovers, but they haven’t all been identified yet so it’s unclear.

The most recent leak of classified information came from a left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter named Reality Winner. She knew what she was doing was illegal and she didn’t care, she did it anyway. She was a contractor and not even an actual employee of the federal government. Yet she had access to classified information (just like Edward Snowden did).

Leaking classified information is illegal. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your position, it is illegal. Yet one extreme left-wing representative from California actually created a webpage on his taxpayer-paid official government web site telling federal employees how to break the law and who to send classified information to. Seriously.


There are actual procedures and protocols in place for whistleblowers. It is always, every single time, illegal to leak classified information to anyone. From the site:

It then goes on to list organizations that will take anonymous leaks:

Additional Resources If You Are A Whistleblower:

  1. ProPublica: How To Leak To ProPublica

  2. The Washington Post: Here’s how to leak government documents to The Post

  3. The Intercept: The Intercept Welcomes Whistleblowers

  4. The New York Times: Confidential news tips

  5. The Guardian: Share stories with us securely and confidentially

  6. The Official SecureDrop Directory: Media Organizations that Securely Accept Documents from Anonymous Sources

Again, it is against federal law to leak classified information to the public. Apparently, this representative hates Trump so much that he would rather someone risk going to jail than protect classified information they may be charged with protecting.

What in the hell is wrong with these people? There have always been leaks in every administration, but nothing like this. When elected representatives are telling federal employees or contractors how to leak information and where, that is beyond disturbing.

Once again, Democrats prove just how unhinged they have become.