Ford CANCELS $1.6 BILLION Mexico Factory, They’re Coming Home!

It would appear as though our manufacturers are starting to get the message that Trump means business and they better keep their plants here if they want to sell here.

Bloomberg reported today that Ford Motor Co. will scrap plans to build a $1.6 billion plant in Mexico, after coming under criticism by President-elect Donald Trump for shifting small-car production south of the border.

“One of the factors we’re looking at is the more positive U.S. business environment that we foresee under President-elect Trump and the pro-growth policies that he’s been outlining,” Fields told reporters at Ford’s factory in Flat Rock, Michigan, where the company is investing $700 million and adding 700 jobs. “This is a vote of confidence around that.”

Ford said it will add production by 2020 of a fully electric sport utility vehicle with at least 300 miles of range, and an autonomous hybrid vehicle for commercial ride hailing or sharing by 2021 at the Flat Rock factory. The plant will also build a hybrid version of the Mustang sports car in 2020.

It represents a very smart move by Ford even if it hurts their overall bottom line just a bit. The loyalty they will gain with patriotic Americans will go a long way for the future of the business rather than put a few extra bucks in their wallets right now.

Earlier today, Trump threatened to punish General Motors Co. for building a version of its fading compact car in Mexico, rekindling a months-old feud with the auto industry and earning a terse response from the company challenging his assertions.

Trump said in a Twitter post that the largest U.S. automaker, which manufactures a Chevrolet Cruze hatchback model in San Luis Potosi, should build the car at home or face a hefty tariff.