High School Teacher Charged With Turning Her Students Into Radical Muslims

When Nancy Marcellus of Great Oaks High School in western Pennsylvania began reading the history of Islam and studying the Quran, she had no idea that its words would move her to the point of converting.

A white, Christian woman from Beaver Falls, Marcellus seems to be an unlikely candidate for radicalization. It just goes to show how deeply embedded Satan is in the pagan book of the Moon God.

Authorities were alerted by one of Marcellus’ students that there was a group of normal American kids being turned into a terrorist cell at her high school. After a short investigation, a tactical team raided a small house near the downtown area of Oak Fork, PA, just an hour outside of Pittsburg. They found bombs, bomb-making materials and 11 students, all praying to Allah as the agents entered.

Nancy Marcellus, when cornered, vowed to die for Allah and tried to shoot herself but her gun jammed. She now faces a life sentence for conspiracy to commit murder and terrorist acts. The kids involved have all been arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital nearby to be reprogrammed. Their parents have all affirmed their love for Jesus and that they will do everything possible to expel the demons in their children and return them to God’s light.

This just goes to show just how powerful Radical Islam can be. The authorities can find no sign of anyone approaching or turning Nancy Marcellus to the darkness.

She discovered it all on her own and went down the path to murder and blasphemy without any help at all. This is why Sharia law has to be banned in the United States.