Issues Trump Needs To Address For The Military And Veterans

Members of the military community speak out about the most important issues Trump will need to address as president.

“30 Issues President-Elect Trump Needs To Address For The Military And Veterans” was an article in a recent edition of a newsletter from Task & Purpose. It contained a series of recommendations for future President Donald Trump. The ideas were collected from active duty military servicemembers, veterans, and concerned civliians who are related to members of the military community. The inputs are categorized under two topics: Military Priorities and Veterans Priorities

Military Priorities

“I’d like to see the president direct the DoD to streamline evaluation and promotion systems with opportunities for merit based pay and promotion timing. High performers should never languish; low performers should not be promoted if they hang around long enough.” — Shawn VanDiver, U.S. Navy veteran

“For the military, the next president needs to work on setting clear priorities for the service components and order audits on the waste, fraud and abuse that is present in the Pentagon’s budget so that more can be done with less.” — Matthew Schleupner, U.S. Army

“The best thing that the next president can do for service members is to fight and win the wars in which we are engaged and to focus the efforts of our military on fighting and winning the next war.” — Mike Grice, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“Military: The president should schedule a monthly meeting to get an unfiltered report from two groups of leaders. The service chiefs and the global four-star commanders.– Jason Howk, U.S. Army veteran

“Emphasize training and readiness. Better a small military than a hollow military.” — Carl Forsling, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

“Protecting the integrity of our information systems, so that nothing like the OPM hack happens again.” — Alex McCoy, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

Veterans Priorities

“I would like to see the next president and Congress work together to fix the VA. The entire system needs to be overhauled so that our veterans receive the proper medical care they deserve in a timely manner.” — Michelle Volkmann, U.S. Navy spouse

“The president must get serious about refocusing the VA. If they have to start a brand new VA organization and re-interview every current worker to see who will continue to have the honor of serving our veterans, than so be it. This is a disgrace.” — Jason Howk, U.S. Army veteran

“Our next president needs to focus on quality of life issues for veterans and bringing trust back to the VA as an institution (health care, continuing job training, education opportunities).” — Matthew Schleupner, U.S. Army

“All service members should be screened by and enrolled in the VA at their last duty station prior to separation, regardless of the reason for separation. Retirement and benefits should be entirely moved from the DoD to the VA to allow the DoD to focus on its core military mission and provide that funding to the VA to manage all aspects of veteran care.” — David R Anderson, U.S. Marine Corps veteran

Theese are some of the suggestions in the article originally posted by Task & Purpose. To see the full list they have compiled click here.