MILLIONS Of Muslims’ Ramadan Party In Texas Just Came To A Sudden End With Who Just Showed Up

Last week kicked off the beginning of Muslims’ month-long celebration of Ramadan, where the barbaric religion of Islam will be adhered to even more fervently by millions of Muslims around the world. Just a few days into Ramadan and we see Muslims starting their usual antics, forcing their religion onto the masses even more aggressively, as we’re hearing horrifying stories emerging of non-Muslims being stabbed and mercilessly attacked just for doing simple things like buying a beer.  But Texans have decided to take a stand. And what this politically incorrect state just did to millions of Muslims who were right in the middle of celebrating Ramadan no doubt has the entire Muslim community completely furious.

If there’s one state left in America that that gives little craps about political correctness and the hurt feelings of Muslims, it’s Texas. Just in time for Ramadan, Texas just passed a law to eliminate Sharia Law from being practiced and recognized inside Texas borders completely, sure to put a damper on these Muslims’ plans for infiltrating America with their barbaric cult any further. If that news wasn’t enough to get these Texas Muslims’ burkas in a nice little wad, what this badass sheriff just blasted out as a brutal warning to any Muslim trying to start crap in his state surely will.

Sheriff Tracy Murphree believes the best policy to fight off Islamic terrorism is an armed populace, and is taking that message straight to the people of Texas in an extremely politically incorrect rant. With all the liberal idiots continue to call for open borders despite the endless barrage of terror attacks plaguing the globe, arming ourselves will be the last line of defense between us and them. He poured out his heart in a recent rant stating:

“This [terrorism] is what happens when you disarm your citizens. When you open your borders without the proper vetting. When you allow political correctness to dictate how you respond to an enemy that wants to kill you. When you allow these radicals to travel to Afghanistan and Iran and simply let them back in.”

While most people with half a functioning brain cell get behind the sheriff’s truth-filed rant, Muslims in Texas immediately began blasting the sheriff as being an Islamophobe, even enlisting the assistance of the radical terrorist-ridden group CAIR to bully the sheriff back into submission. CAIR immediately tried to intimidate the sheriff, demanding he retract his statements, all because they realize that their little game of infiltrating America with their vermin terrorists is finally up.

But Sheriff Murphee is not only an outspoken American badass, but a fearless leader as well. Refusing to give into the hurt feelings of these Muslim snowflakes, he doubled down on his statements, telling NBC 5 that he isn’t about to back down.