Senator Kamala Harris calls for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign but her reason why is beyond dumb (VIDEO)

In the crab barrel of the leaderless Democratic Party, some ambitious ladder climbers are joyfully exploiting the left’s whiplash over former FBI Director James Comey to promote themselves.

One of the rising stars for the party of identity politics and crazy assed conspiracy theories is newly minted Senator Kamala Harris. Hailing from the leftist stronghold of California which provided sore loser Hillary Clinton with her popular vote margin – pending an audit – the young Harris has two critical components for a 2020 Dem contender: the right skin pigmentation and a vagina.

She is almost a hybrid of Hillary and Barack Obama and is already eyeing the Democratic Party nomination according to some reports.

Now, in an effort to increase her national profile Ms. Harris is calling for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a guaranteed applause line with the deranged elements of the far left.


According to CNN “Sen. Kamala Harris: ‘There’s nothing about any of this that is normal’”:

California Sen. Kamala Harris on Thursday criticized the Trump administration at length over the FBI director’s firing and said the situation was essentially unheard of.

“There’s nothing about any of this that is normal,” the freshman Democrat said on CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

Harris said Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s memo did not provide a real case for President Donald Trump firing FBI Director James Comey.

“If someone gave me that memo as a basis for firing the chief investigator of a case, I would say send it back and start again,” Harris said.

She said an effective memo would have to have more substance as well as cite case law and Department of Justice regulations.

As for Rosenstein’s boss, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Harris repeated her call that he should step down.

“I think Jeff Sessions should resign,” Harris said. “There is good reason to believe that he was not truthful when he testified before Congress. … Then just in the last 48 hours that he would sign off on firing the person who is investigating the case he’s recused from calls into question his objectivity and his ability to keep his word.”

Harris had previously called for Sessions’ resignation following reports that he had met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak last year.
Harris is trying to show off her legal chops as the former attorney general of California, a state that is now so far out of the mainstream that there is an ongoing effort to lift longtime restrictions against communists serving in government.

Harris’s competition will be stiff as she will have to shatter that glass ceiling against Obama v2.0 aka Cory Booker. The New Jersey Democrat is also exploiting the Comey firing to do his best imitation of Paul Revere in exclaiming that “the Russians are coming, the Russians are coming” and has been mentioned as a possible front-runner in 2020.

The sad thing is that both of these loons actually appear normal compared to such freaks as Elizabeth “Fauxahontas” Warren and her deranged shrillness that actually makes Hillary look like Ms. Congeniality.

As the hunt for the Holy Grail proving that President Donald Trump and his associates actually colluded with Vladimir Putin to cheat Hillary out of the election and therefore infiltrate the U.S. government goes on, the Democrats continue to avoid ever having to discuss any actual issues. With the 2018 midterm election cycle kicking up they are risking ruination if Trump manages to turn the tables on the Russian hogwash.

But give it Ms. Harris, she is cunningly exploiting the situation for all she’s worth for her own agenda without resorting to being a shrieking shrike like Pocahontas or a babbling fool like Crazy Bernie.